Your 8-Week Guided Microdose Program.

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A premium microdose program to improve general wellbeing, focus, creativity and much more. Based on a proven methodology guided by our experts.
Based on the latest microdose research

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the practice of taking a very low dose (5-10%) of a psychedelic substance, following a specific protocol. Research on microdosing suggests an improved mood, energy, creativity and focus. There are also strong indications microdosing psychedelics reduces feelings of stress, anxiety and long term headaches.

Science talks

Psilocybin and other psychedelics bind to serotonin receptors, primarily serotonin 2A. This subtype occurs mainly in the prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain involved in cognition, personality, decision-making and social behaviour. Activation of these receptors seems to change our default-mode-network (DMN), enable remoulding of existing neural networks (neuroplasticity) and potentially stimulate the growth of new neurons (neurogenesis). By bypassing old neural connections, psychedelics seem to create an opportunity for new thinking and learning patterns, a more positive and focused consciousness, and feeling more connected.

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The history

Psychedelic plants and fungi are not new. Psychedelics have a reputation for being quite overwhelming, and there are still many outdated stories going around in the world. They have been used in many cultures for thousands of years. Modern psychedelic research however started when the Swiss pharmacological researcher Albert Hofmann accidentally synthesised and swallowed LSD in 1938. Research expanded in 1958 when Hofmann identified the mind-expanding properties of psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic truffles) and became a pioneer in this field of research. Decades later psychedelics became popular in the counterculture movements of the 1960s, but were banned by the Nixon administration throughout the 1970s. Today there is scientific evidence of benefits for both illness and wellness. Aydoo focuses entirely on wellness. Experts talk about the 'Psychedelic Renaissance'. 

"The science is clear. Microdosing psilocybin is beneficial for cognitive enhancements as well as general wellbeing. It's the future."
Dr. Chris van der Linden
Neurologist at CNOG (Centrum voor Neurologie en Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde, Ghent, Belgium)

How microdosing can help in your daily life.

Improve wellbeing

When feeling anxious, impatient or overstimulated microdosing allows you to relax, slow down and manage the chaos of life.

Enhance performance

To perform at your best, get into a flow state with high levels of energy, laser-like focus and innovative thinking patterns.

Be in the moment

Raise consciousness, observe your thoughts and emotions and zoom out to see the bigger picture and truly be in the moment.

"My overall mood improved, and I'm definitely more sensitive to smells :)"

Chris & Eveline


Neurologist + Orthomolecular Expert

"When coming back from work, I wasn't tired anymore, I felt more energized and was more motivated to go to the gym or have social activities."



Co-owner Coffee & Wine Bar

"Unique in the Aydoo programs, is the coaching and 24/7 guidance that made me feel safe and at ease."




"I compare it with a vitamine supplement, with a steady sense of healthy energy during the whole day. Without the jitters of coffee or sugar."



PR & Communication Manager

"It felt like coffee but way more natural and I felt more in balance overall. I also started to run again and eat healthier in my busy life."



Marketing Manager



Project Manager



Entrepreneur and DJ



Interior Designer



Home Nurse



Art History Expert

"I'm microdosing to reduce some of my daily stress, remove the fog and see more clearly.'




"With an increased focus it helps me to be more precise, sharper and helps with my daily creativity."




"Through microdosing I was able to find my professional purpose, something I have been looking for for years. It gave me the opportunity to connect my past, my passion and my studies. I'm at peace with myself, personally and professionally; thanks to microdosing!"




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"Through microdosing I was able to find my professional purpose, something I have been looking for for years. It gave me the opportunity to connect my past, my passion and my studies. I'm at peace with myself, personally and professionally; thanks to microdosing!"

Amandine, member

The price tag

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Starter Pack

Recommended if you start microdosing for the first time. Includes all essentials and a personal coach to get started the right way.


Full 8-week guided program with coach
What's in the Starter Pack?
24 microdose portions
40min kick-off call
24/7 expert chat support
3 x 40min personal coaching sessions
Exchange with peers during program
Personal microdose journal
Access to Aydoo community
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Basic Pack

Recommended if you already have experience and want to take your microdosing to the next level.


Basic 8-week program with support
What's in the Basic Pack?
24 microdose portions
40min kick-off call
24/7 expert chat support
3 x 40min personal coaching sessions
Exchange with peers during program
Personal microdose journal
Access to Aydoo community
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Refill Pack

Particularly recommended if you have prior microdosing experience or have completed one of our programs.


The 4-week refill pack
What's in the Refill Pack?
12 microdose portions
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How to get started


Do the assessment

Start with an online assessment to check if you are a match with our program, based on your medical background and personal goals.

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Choose the program you’d like to join

We’ve created group-based programs based on your specific intention. You’ll get 1-on-1 consults with your personal coach, dedicated to get you closer to your goal.

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Receive your starter pack

A few days before the start of your journey, your starter pack will be delivered to your doorstep. This premium box will contain your microdoses, a journal to track your observations and other essentials to enhance your journey.

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Start your microdose journey

Your experience starts with a live group presentation before your first dosing day. You’ll be able to track your progress and refine your experience through a companion app to achieve your intended goals.

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Thrive together with our community

By starting the program you become part of the aydoo community. It’s your accessible, understanding and like-minded community. We share experiences, questions and exchange information.

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Word of the Founders

“We're two lifelong best friends based in Ghent (Belgium) who have travelled the world. We discovered the benefits of microdosing ourselves, each with our own goals in mind. Science already proved how large doses of psychedelics have a life-changing impact on people. Now science also suggests that we can benefit from microdosing when done right. We decided to use our previous startup experience to build a team of experts to reach our mission: create the best microdosing experience in the world. Premium, safe and frictionless, based on a proven methodology to help extraordinary people unlock their full potential."

Nicolas & Lorenzo
Founders of aydoo

Still have questions?

Our team of experts is here whenever you need support.

Is microdosing legal?

Yes as a Dutch organisation we work with 100% legal products and are able to ship within the EU. For the consumer microdosing truffles is legal in The Netherlands, because truffles (Psilocybe Tampanensis) grow under the ground. These firmer and drier psychedelic fungi do not belong to the category of mushrooms, and therefore does not fall under the psychedelic law. With their placement on list 2 of the Opium Act, mushrooms cannot be grown, sold or bought. Truffles, on the contrary, are not part of this act. In contrast to a mushroom, a truffle is also very hard to grow at home. This makes it easier to control. Outside the Netherlands, every country in the EU has its own local regulations. We expect this to evolve a lot in the next years to come, based on past regulations in the US, Canada, Brazil and many other countries following.

Where are the truffles made?

The microdose truffles are cultivated and carefully packaged in the Dutch countryside. The production is 100% natural and is never processed. From the earth into our actual packaging dosed meticulously.

Is microdosing addictive?

For a healthy and conscious person, microdosing is not addictive. Despite the fact that it is proven that microdosing cannot cause psychological addiction, you have to stay alert on your own relationship with psilocybin like any other natural product.

What's the effect of microdosing?

Microdosing is a tool that stimulates your creativity and makes you feel better, so that you can bring your performance to a next level. Microdosing targets a serotonin receptor, which is a welness neurotransmitter, in your brain. We have 15 serotonin receptors in our brain. The one in the cortex is responsible for our feelings, reflections, but also our thinking and planning ability. This allows us to feel more energised, create new neural connections, focus longer and be more in the moment.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing means taking a very low dose (typically 1/20th) of a classic psychedelic, following a scientific protocol for an extended period of time. The most commonly used protocol we recommend is 1 day on, 2 days off. Microdosing is a sub-perceptual dose that doesn’t produce a psychedelic effect. Studies show microdosing supports cognitive performance and improves mental health conditions.

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