We are aydoo

We believe people should be in the driver's seat of their wellbeing.
With the right knowledge and the right tools.

Why aydoo

Top notch experts

Experts have been carefully chosen to guide you on your journey. To answer your questions, they are skilled microdose and lifestyle coaches.

Step-by-step journey

We're here to help every step of the way. Each step has its own purpose and will help you achieve your personal objective.

Community based

We believe that sharing your personal experiences and tips with like-minded souls will enhance your overall microdosing experience.

Meet the coaches

We thought it was about time you get to know us better.

Lorenzo Bown

After a successful exit at his previous startup, Lorenzo was inspired by microdosing when travelling with entrepreneurial friends from Silicon Valley. Especially for cognitive enhancement and how to increase our everyday productivity through bio-hacking.

Nicolas Roegiers

Nicolas is an entrepreneur and early believer in functional psychedelics. He was first introduced to it through the English writer and philosopher Alan Watts. He's fascinated about both the science and mystical experiences of psychedelic medicine.

Tom Stevens
Microdose & Lifestyle Coach

Tom has over 5 years of lifestyle coaching for executives. He joined the team early on to design the ideal microdose program and guide people on a self-discovery path towards a more conscious and fulfilling life.

Sabrina Viitasaari
Microdose Head Coach

Expert advisors.

We are surrounded by experts from various fields.

Guillaume Blivet, MPH
Born in France, he is a an entrepreneur & innovator in neurotech, food supplement, psychedelic and disease/wellness management. For the past 5 years he was CEO of a neurotech company developing cutting-edge therapy for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease.
Marthe De Boevre, PhD
Sr. Scientist Mycotoxicology and Public Health at University of Ghent. Born in Ghent (Belgium) on February 7th 1986. Graduated at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Ghent University) with the PhD-dissertation ‘Chemical risks related to food and feed containing masked Fusarium mycotoxins’.
Chris van der Linden, MD
Sr. Clinical Neurologist, educated in the United States at Harvard University (Boston), and the University of Texas. Specialized in movement disorders after which he moved to Ghent and worked at Ghent University Hospital. He has his own practice today in Ghent called CNOG (Centrum voor Neurologie en Orthomoleculaire Geneeskunde)

Word of the Founders

“We're two lifelong best friends based in Ghent (Belgium) who have travelled the world. We discovered the benefits of microdosing ourselves, each with our own goals in mind. Science already proved how large doses of psychedelics have a life-changing impact on people. Now science also suggests that we can benefit from microdosing when done right. We decided to use our previous startup experience to build a team of experts to reach our mission: create the best microdosing experience in the world. Premium, safe and frictionless, based on a proven methodology to help extraordinary people unlock their full potential."

Nicolas & Lorenzo
Founders of aydoo

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