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Is microdosing legal?

Yes as a Dutch organisation we work with 100% legal products and are able to ship within the EU. For the consumer microdosing truffles is legal in The Netherlands, because truffles (Psilocybe Tampanensis) grow under the ground. These firmer and drier psychedelic fungi do not belong to the category of mushrooms, and therefore does not fall under the psychedelic law. With their placement on list 2 of the Opium Act, mushrooms cannot be grown, sold or bought. Truffles, on the contrary, are not part of this act. In contrast to a mushroom, a truffle is also very hard to grow at home. This makes it easier to control. Outside the Netherlands, every country in the EU has its own local regulations. We expect this to evolve a lot in the next years to come, based on past regulations in the US, Canada, Brazil and many other countries following.

Where are the truffles made?

The microdose truffles are cultivated and carefully packaged in the Dutch countryside. The production is 100% natural and is never processed. From the earth into our actual packaging dosed meticulously.

Is microdosing addictive?

For a healthy and conscious person, microdosing is not addictive. Despite the fact that it is proven that microdosing cannot cause psychological addiction, you have to stay alert on your own relationship with psilocybin like any other natural product.

What's the effect of microdosing?

Microdosing is a tool that stimulates your creativity and makes you feel better, so that you can bring your performance to a next level. Microdosing targets a serotonin receptor, which is a welness neurotransmitter, in your brain. We have 15 serotonin receptors in our brain. The one in the cortex is responsible for our feelings, reflections, but also our thinking and planning ability. This allows us to feel more energised, create new neural connections, focus longer and be more in the moment.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing means taking a very low dose (typically 1/20th) of a classic psychedelic, following a scientific protocol for an extended period of time. The most commonly used protocol we recommend is 1 day on, 2 days off. Microdosing is a sub-perceptual dose that doesn’t produce a psychedelic effect. Studies show microdosing supports cognitive performance and improves mental health conditions.

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