Micropodcast #2 : Psychedelic research conversation with Dr. Mathieu Seynaeve

Lorenzo Bown
January 2, 2023
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Aydoo Podcast #2 with Dr. Mathieu Seynaeve

Belgium has a long history of producing outstanding doctors and healthcare professionals. In the medical world, Mathieu Seynaeve has taken an interest in a cutting-edge field of psychedelics. Dr. Seynaeve studied medicine in Belgium before specialising in psychiatry. His goal is to develop better treatments in this field. After moving to London for research, he was introduced to psychedelic research, and slowly he became more and more involved in it.

Currently, he is pursuing a PhD focusing on mechanisms of psychological change in psychedelics and is at the forefront of pushing for more research in this area in Belgium. Despite being a new and stigmatised field, Dr.Seynaeve saw the potential in psychedelics to make big changes in a short period of time, something they were searching for as a psychiatrist. The majority of the research in psychedelics has been done in the US and UK, but there is a growing interest in this area in Europe, and Belgium is no exception.

In an effort to kickstart more research in Belgium, Dr.Seynaeve, together with the "Koning Boudewijn Foundation," founded the "Isala Van Diest Foundation." This foundation aims to support trials and clinical studies with psychedelics in Belgium, focusing on depression, PTSD, and addiction. The foundation's name refers to the first female doctor in Belgium, who, for being a woman, faced stigma and challenges but still made a significant impact in the field of medicine. The hope is that psychedelics will follow in her footsteps and find their place in the healthcare system in Belgium in the future.

You can support this great cause through the "Isala Van Diest Foundation" or through Dr.Seynaeve's LinkedIn page. Let's join forces together to help bring out the positive changes in psychiatry and mental health that psychedelics can bring.

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