What is microdosing?

Nicolas Roegiers
July 11, 2022
 min read

Does microdosing ring a bell? Or is this health phenomenon completely new to you? Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur or something else, microdosing can help you to fully tap into your flow and creativity. It is not a miracle medicine but it is an excellent tool for personal growth. It can help you to make better and healthier choices and to live your life to the fullest.

Where does microdosing come from?The term ‘microdosing’ was first used by Dr. James Fadiman at the time when psychedelics such as lsd were banned under the US and British law. Scientists started looking for ways to enjoy the benefits of psychedelics without getting caught up in the dangers. It was a way of trying to preserve the value of psychedelics without breaking the law.

Over the years microdosing developed more profoundly and attracted increasing worldwide public and scientific attention. Today it can be seen as a technology that is definitely here to stay.

What is microdosing and how does it work?Microdosing means taking a very low dose of a classic psychedelic, following a protocol for an extended period of time.More specifically, it means that you take a dose of a premium truffle or lds tab that does not trigger a psychedelic effect. Strictly speaking, microdosing has no discernible effect. But the small dose does have health benefits and that is where it might become interesting for you.A microdose targets a serotonin receptor in our brain, which in turn influences several biological and neurological processes. By stimulating the receptor you can disrupt negative thinking processes and encourage creative and deep thinking. The result? You will be able to improve your brain activity.How much is a microdose?Many people have already experienced benefits after a single dose. But how much do you have to use to experience the advantages?Microdosing is extremely personal. First of all, it depends on the substance you use. But even then there are no fixed doses for everyone. Everything depends on your body weight, your tolerance to other substances, your general health condition and the available receptors in your body. To find your ideal dose, also called your sweet spot, it is up to you to experiment with a couple of different dosages.At aydoo we guide you in a professional way to find your sweet spot. During different sessions you will learn how to microdose and how to benefit from our premium truffles.

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